Madonna Statue of Willy’s Rock

Madona Statue of Willy's Rock

If you are planning your fabulous vacation to Boracay Island, which is located here in the Philippines, anytime soon, then be sure to pack along your camera, because there are many wonderful Boracay attractions to shoot while you are there. Located on the edge of white beach in Boracay station 1, you will find the famous Willy's Rock, one of the most famous attractions for Boracay Island. This large rock was created thousands of years ago after a large volcanic eruption, now it sits here on Boracay beach with hundreds of tourist visiting it daily, it makes a great souvenir photo.

Located on the eastern end of Willy's Rock you will find a statue of the Madonna, and a small box for donations, it's here that people can come and say a quick prayer, as-well-as leave a small donation, that is collected by a local church here on Boracay Philippines.

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