The Philippines


The Philippine IslandsWelcome to the Philippines, a large group of over 7,107 islands located in the region of the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. The Philippine Islands are discovered in a place know as the "Pacific Ring of Fire", many of the Philippine Islands lean toquakes and cyclones.
The Philippines has really been blessed with an abundance of charm covering over 186,000 square miles, and making the Philippines the 73rd most significant specific nation. The Philippine Islands are arranged in to 3 main geographical areas: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, with one of the most modern-day metropolitan regions being Manila, which is discovered on the Island of Luzon.
Philippines Tourism:.
Many islands around the Philippines are consisted of rich thick forest that is home to a very large variety of birds which includes over a 170 species of birds including a few rare types, and of course there is a large abundance of sea life including over 2,400 types of fish and as-well-as 500 different sort of coral, WOW! Did you realize that the Philippines has the 2nd greatest reef worldwide? Yes it does, and it is called Apo Reef, and it is located in Occidental Mindoro, covering over 21 square miles of sea flooring.
Tourism is simply among the Philippines main source of incomes, with visitors coming here from across the world just to experience a few of the excellent and unique island locations within the Philippine Islands. To discover even more concerning the leading vacationer locations in the Philippines, go below to find out much more, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Manila.
Boracay Beaches, They Are The Very Best!
Boracay Beach Station 1

If you love going to the beach, then you must try the world famous “Boracay Beach” located in the Visayas region of the Philippines in Aklan Province, which is only just a 1 hour flight from Manila to either the Caticlan Domestic Airport or the Kalibo International Airport. Currently there are a few International Direct Flights coming to Kalibo daily from Incheon Korea, Shanghai China, Taipei Taiwan and from Hong Kong. 

Boracay beach is located on the west side of Boracay Island and is very popular with foreign tourist, and this is simply due to the beautiful powder soft white sand found here, it's truly like nothing you have ever experienced. 
To learn more about the famous Boracay Beach in the Philippines and how you can get a complete all inclusive Boracay Package please contact us.